Check out Robert

Last month Robert was featured in YoyageHouston.  Check out these tidbits and link to the full story.


I was and have always been fascinated by art and what it can do. It can and has changed the world. Everything we see (apart from nature) on a daily bases was designed by a person who never lost that creative mind they had as a child. Sure it gets harder as we get older to have that desire to see the world as you once did discovering new things or seeing them the same way. But that is part of why we do it.

YoyagerHouston:  Has it been a smooth road?


Art is never a smooth road.  …  It wasn’t until my seventeenth year that I picked up a brush loaded down with oils. And that changed a lot for me, I found something that was old and new.

YoyagerHouston:  We’d love to hear more about what you do.

Firstly, I am an oil painter, Mostly illustration style or figurative work. Animals or people are my main focus, a slight slant on realism. Some say surrealism. I personally do not.

There is a lot more to that story.  Read more about Robert at the VoyagerHouston – Robert